10 Tips You Can Follow for Traveling with One Backpack

10 Tips You Can Follow for Traveling with One Backpack

As many frequent travelers and backpackers would agree, one of the most complex and difficult parts of backpacking is to pack everything you have within one single back. Even travelers that have gone on multiple backpacking expeditions face a lot of trouble fixing everything inside one backpack, making sure that they don’t miss out on anything in the process. Once you buy traveling backpacks you would want to take only one with you on your next vacation.

Most travelers often admit that they are tempted to throw in some last minute items into their luggage, because of which they are forced to increase the number of bags they have with them.

Although practice makes you perfect, we don’t want you to go through 10 backpacking expeditions, before you can truly learn the art of going on a trip with one backpack.

We understand how the experience of traveling with one piece of luggage can be exciting and liberating. You don’t have to pull numerous bags on public transport, and most certainly look cooler with just one backpack.

So, if you want to head into the next traveling season with backpacking skills and tips that can help you travel with just one backpack, then this is the right place for you.

Here we mention all of the tips that you should follow while traveling with one backpack. Follow these tips to enjoy a lot more on your next vacation:

Do You Really Need Those 10 Shirts?

4 tshirtsDo you really need to travel with 10 or more? Ask yourself this question always before you’re leaving for a backpacking expedition. If you think you can wear a shirt for more than once on your trip, then pack it up. If you feel that a particular shirt takes some time drying in the night, then you should preferably skip on packing it for the trip.

One of our best quotes for traveling is “You can change your outfit every day, or just change your city!”. You can change your outfit without a problem if you are roaming around multiple cities.


Lightweight Clothing

When you are packing your stuff for a backpacking expedition, almost always take the fabric of your outfits into consideration. You will be better off packing fabrics and shirts that are made out of lightweight clothing. Not only are such shirts easy to stuff into a backpack, but you will find it really easy to do laundry on the trip.

Fabrics or shirts with heavy stitching can take a lot of effort in cleaning, and also take some time drying. So, save your time and space by adding lightweight clothing to your backpack.

Dark Coloured Clothing

Besides just the fabric of the clothing you take with you, we think that the colour can also have an impact on the number of days you can use it for. If you are taking a fewer number of shirts with you, then we recommend you to go for dark-coloured clothing, over light coloured shirts.

Dark colours are recommended by most travel experts, because these colors don’t show any stains, and are extremely easy to clean as well. Once you wear them, you will notice that you can wear these shirts without worrying about how they will look after a specific period of time.

Wear Jeans and Jacket

guy wearing jeans and jacketIf you want to take a pair of jeans and jacket to your next expedition, then they don’t really belong inside the backpack, but belong on you. You should be wearing your jeans and jacket before you head out into the expedition.

Jeans and jacket happen to take more space inside the backpack, so you should preferably try wearing them on, rather than stuffing them inside the backpack. If you’re going through a domestic or international flight, then wearing heavier clothing on yourself can also help save you from the high luggage costs in place by airlines, if you exceed their luggage limits.

No More than Two Pair of Shoes

shoes for travelIf you are an adventure freak, then you would want to have a pair of sneakers with you inside your bag. We realize how you won’t be travelling trails and hiking for the whole of your journey, which is why a pair of semi-formal shoes can also go in your favour.

Since you’re compromising on the quantity of the shoes, we would want you to make sure that the quality is perfect. You don’t want to buy shoes with below-par quality, only to regret wearing them outside, because they don’t feel comfortable.

Limited Toiletries

Now, the toiletries you pack should depend on the type of journey you are headed to. If you’re going for a travel destination that is ultra rural, we would want you to have the required toiletries with you.

However, if you are going to stay in hotels and other camps, then they will most probably provide shampoos, soaps and other toiletries to you. Most of these hotels also have toothbrushes, razors and toothpaste available easily for you as well. Picking up toiletries on the journey is easier than packing them all in one go and taking up excess space as well.

Exchange Kindle for Books

Kindle e-bookWe realize how some people have a passion for reading when they are travelling. This passion is basically developed to pass time when you are bored during transit. However, since you are looking to save space inside your backpack, you most definitely cannot pack 3 to 4 heavy books.

So, instead of packing books we advise you to carry a Kindle. They can work for longer hours when charged, are convenient to read, and also happen to take no space at all. When you are done reading you can place it back into a dedicated space within your bag.

Roll Clothes

Now, this is something that can really save you space, without cutting out on items. We see how so many backpackers either ball their clothes up or fold them before placing in their backpack. This technique is flawed, as the best option for you is to roll clothes and then place them inside your bag.

This doesn’t just clear space, but it also makes it easy for you to take out items from the bag when you are looking for some quick clothes.

Pack Necessities First

The worst horror story of backpacking is when you miss out on a necessity because you were trying to save some space. So, almost always create a list of necessary items with you, and make sure that these are the first to go inside the bag. Only when you have placed these necessary items, should you look towards saving space with some of the other items on the list.

Buy A Dry Towel

dry towels A dry towel can serve multiple purposes and help save you space in the meanwhile. You can use it for cleaning purposes, for cleaning yourself and also as a beach towel if the need be. Rather than packing all of these towels or mats separately, one dry towel will get the job done for you.

With the tips above, you are now ready to go backpacking with the best rucksack for traveling.

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