8 Best Hard Shell Suitcase Brands To Buy Right Now

8 Best Hard Shell Suitcase Brands To Buy Right Now

Ever heard of a case of being bit by the ‘travel bug’? Think of this phenomenon as somewhat similar to how Spider-man got his superpowers. However, in this case, instead of gliding off of walls, you’re always dreaming of adventure and traveling.

Now, you’ve probably read a lot many articles online where you, in your capacity as a traveler or a tourist, are advised over where to go and what to take along with you. However, seldom are we told what sort of luggage to carry with us.

Something a lot many people tend to undermine the importance of is the sort of luggage that they are carrying – more often than not, they’re unaware that there are even various types of baggage that they can take.

Be it a one-week stay at a country abroad, or a two night trip to a state over, and it’s pretty standard to carry some luggage carrier with you. From duffle bags to suitcases and carry-on’s to bag packs – there is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to bringing items with you.

In this particular article, we’ll follow through with the various types of suitcases and focus predominantly on hard-shell bags. Why? Well, they have several benefits. However, before we get into that, let’s understand what a hard case suitcase is.

Hard Shell Suitcase – What Is It & Why Do You Need One?

We’ll start with the very first question that probably popped into your mind – what even is a hard shell suitcase? A hardshell bag is a more rigid version of your typical fabric cased suitcases with minimum zips and compartments but added strength and protection.

Amongst suitcases, two varieties have gained popularity – hardshell and softshell. Understandably, hard shells have a harder plastic, aluminum, or polycarbonate outer covering.

Their primal importance is understood when we’re talking about strength and durability. Additionally, there are concerns when it comes to compactness and sizing issues. To elaborate on this, we’d have to understand the difference between the two types.

Difference between Hard Shell and Soft Shell Suitcases

1.      Strength

Understandably, the variance of the suitcase that has the word ‘hard’ in it is the stronger one of the two. This is due to the type of material that goes into making the suitcase. Traditionally, it has been made up of plastic. However, recent advancement has allowed manufacturers to replace aluminum or plastic with another thermoplastic composite material – polycarbonate.

2.      Protection

To understand the parameters that are to be considered when we discuss security, we’ll admit that both bags come with locks – or, you’ve added one to yours. If someone chooses to steal something from your pocket and only has a knife, which kit would be more comfortable to slice into? The one made up of plastic or fiber? Take a wild guess.

3.      Durability

The average citizen is calculated to take about 6.5 flights a year. Based on this generalization, making your luggage go through various phases of being tossed and thrown while you’re sitting comfortably makes a person feel uneasy.
Hence, buying the right quality luggage that can be used over and over again and can withstand a maximum of stress without being deformed is the hard case suitcase.

4.      Ease In Carrying

Typically, hard shell suitcases come with four wheels whereas soft shell suitcases come with two wheels, but some may also contain four. Comfort in carrying can’t be put into a descriptive category with one coming above the other. It’s much more subjective. However, tourists tend to prefer to carry  hard shell suitcases with them.

5.      Compactness

This is probably the only variable in which a hard shell suitcase falls short when compared to a softshell bag. Accounting for its rigidity, a hard shell suitcase comes in its single particular form and cannot be squeezed or shortened to fit into tight spaces, such as overhead compartments. In comparison, a softshell suitcase can quickly morph it’s shaped to a considerable extent to fit into tighter spaces.

6.      Customization

If you’re obsessed with traveling, you’re also bound to be obsessed with the various travel accessories, such as; suitcases! When it comes to ease of customization or more options, many people find a wide variety of hardshell bags in comparison to soft shell suitcases.  hard case suitcases are more resistant to dust and wear, hence can be modified to come in a variety of colors. On the other hand, the fabric that goes into making soft shell suitcases can easily stain.

Best Hardside Luggage Brands

1.       Samsonite

When it comes to picking out luggage, Samsonite is probably one of the first names that pop into one’s mind. Why? Well, this seller has long been in the game and is known for one prominent thing – reliability.

Samsonite offers a wide range of hard shell luggage carrying options with several different styles and colours. Their material is probably of the most lightweight yet durable quality on the market. Notwithstanding just that, they’re also known to be relatively affordable – great value for money.

If you’re looking for something that looks just as good as it delivers, then be sure to take a look at their collection.

Samsonite S'Cure - Spinner L Suitcase, 75 cm, 102 Litre, Black
7,263 Reviews
Samsonite S'Cure - Spinner L Suitcase, 75 cm, 102 Litre, Black
  • Spinner 75 (large suitcase: Suitable for a two week trip): 52 x 31 x 75 cm - 102 Litre - 4.6 kg
  • Made in Europe
  • Three-point locking for extra security; seal to limit moisture penetration
  • Smooth rolling double wheels and dual tube wheel handle
  • Interior: Lowered cross ribbons, zipped divider pad and large side pocket

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2.       ROAM

As mentioned above, hard shell suitcases had the upper-hand on soft shell suitcases when it came to customization. This point is proved further by companies such a ROAM.

ROAM allows consumers to fully design their suitcases – from zippers to shells and everything in between! Hence, this company is a step ahead of its competitors by offering the most consumer-friendly packages.

There are four different sizes to choose from that come I high-quality polycarbonate finishing and is both strong and lightweight. .

3.       Away

Away is a company founded by two former Warby Parker executives, and I’m sure you could only imagine what they’ve come up with. Functional, fashionable, and affordable – these are probably the three most sufficient words that can be used to describe their products.

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4.       Briggs and Riley

Briggs and Riley have made heads turn with their numerous collections. Formerly, they launched the TORQ collection and then only made a more prominent name for themselves in the industry by introducing the Sympatico line.

This line is fashionable, durable and most importantly has made away with the longstanding problem that hard shell suitcases can’t be separated in compartments.

Briggs & Riley Sympatico Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner Hand Luggage, 56 cm, 58 liters, Black
  • Simple as that lifetime warranty even covers airline damage
  • Outsider handle provides greater interior capacity and a smooth surface for packing so clothes arrive wrinkle-free
  • Built-in TSA-friendly combination lock secures contents, letting agents safely access your bag; no more cut cable locks
  • CX expansion-compression system increases packing capacity by 22%, then compresses back to original size to keep contents secure
  • Suiter in zip-around mesh panel on inside lid with speed buckle hanger holds 1 suit or garment or 1-2 shirts and cinches them securely in place

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5.       FLOYD

When you take a look at their collection, you’ll think funky and fresh. Something that channels the 1970’s. However, while their vibe might be retro, their materials are anything but that. Check out the Floyed  Cabin Vintage Gold  over on at the Zero Gravitiy site 

6.       Bric

This company is a little more on the luxury end of suitcases. However, they make good value for money by offering sizable features such as strength, durability, and style.

Bric's Capri Roller Case, 78 cm, Black (Black/Brown)
  • Ultralight D section aluminium tubes with ergonomic handle with grip
  • Inserts in genuine leather
  • 4-wheel spinners allow smooth 360 degree rotation
  • Roomy interiors with double deck
  • Garment hook

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7.       Tumi

One of the most significant advantages of hard case suitcases is the fact that they provide much more protection, and this is just the agenda that Tumi is working on.

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8.       Rimowa

Rimowa is a brand that stands a head above its competitors by being stylish, affordable, and also durable. They include dual compression panels as well as e-tags. Hence, Rimowa is making good use of the modern age.

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