The Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for Travel.

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What is a mobile WIFI hotspot?

Are you thinking of buying a mobile hotspot? In this article, I hope to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. I have also researched the market and come up with a suggestion of what I think is the best mobile hotspot available today.

A mobile hotspot or portable hotspot is a device that receives an Internet connection over 3G or 4G mobile phone/cell phone networks and then re-broadcasts it locally as WiFi. This makes it possible for you to connect your other devices that do not have sim cards to the Internet.

Most cellphone network’s offer phones which have the facility to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot, and they also offer plans that incorporate permission for this option which is called “tethering”.

stay connected on the go

At this stage, you may wonder why you would purchase a mobile hotspot device when your Mobile can do the job just. The answer is, it can’t perform as well as a mobile hotspot device, and here is why.








you can easily run out of data on your phone while using the tether facility.


typically you can successfully connect more devices to a mobile hotspot than a  mobile phone.


After researching several models, I chose the GlocalMe 4G LTE as my top choice of the Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for Travel.

This product offered several features that raised it above the mass of other products because of the unique way it functions when traveling. You can use it with the built-in SIM-FREE connection, which allows the user to access the Internet without having a local sim-card or incurring roaming charges. This will work in 144 countries and regions. If you settle in a country for a longer period, it also has twin sim card slots so that you can insert two local sim cards.

The unit is fast. Using the 4G high-speed network, get speeds of up to 150 Mbps for downloads and 50 Mbps upload speeds. Obviously, a lot will depend on the network you connect to. However, speeds like this are more than adequate for viewing movies anywhere. The GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is able to connect to five devices at once

You can always be sure that your unit will function with a battery that allows users up to 15 hours of continuous use as a power bank that could recharge your regular mobile three times over.

Looking at this combination of features it is clearly the best option for someone wanting the Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for travel.

Key Features

1 - Global Data Coverage
The GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot can connect using its sin-free connection in a huge 144 different countries and regions, and it does this without the user getting any roaming charges. No need to have local sim cards for each country you visit, no need to sign up for expensive plans that allow you to roam, it is just so simple Why pay companies like Verizon $10 per day for unreliable roaming connections on one phone when you could be using the GlobalMe and getting five connections for your data.

With this device, you can get connections in all the countries that you visit and this allows you to get directions, email services, and social media. Yes, all the facilities we are used to at home.

One user called Phil commented: that he took the GlocalMe to Poland and decided to get a local Sim card. he inserted it into one of the sim card slots and straight away he was connected using the card, taking advantage of the really cheap rates in the country for data plans.

Another user called Tygran has been letting his friends and family use the device and reports that it works fantastic in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, and China.

Some units described as travel hotspots only work in limited counties. The GlocalMe works just about anywhere.

Global coverage

2. So Many Uses
2.1 Perhaps you have gone on a camping trip and you want to check the local weather reports, use the GPS on your phone to find your way when hiking, and even just check in with Social Media. The GlocalMeis there, ready and waiting with 15 hours of battery life so you can connect when you need to.

2.2 We have already established how marvelous it is for global travel, keeping your costs down and making sure you are always connected in whatever country you are currently in. It works just great in the USA too.

2.3 Meetings: This unit is not just for your leisure time. Take it to work with you and no matter where you are you can share your connection with co-workers. You can even be having a meeting on a train as you travel to see a client and your GlocalMe will always be there ready for you to use, with data connections for up to five people.

2.4 Outdoor sports and hiking. It is so important to have access to GPS and weather reports from anywhere. You can make sure that there is not bad weather moving in and check your route on your hike. The great battery life will not let you down long after your phone battery has died.

3. No subscription needed
There is no need to pay for a subscription with this Prepaid wifi hotspot. You simply pay when you need the device. You can buy prepaid credits. The subscription lasts for a month and you simply pay for it as you need it. Not going anywhere for a couple of months then do not buy new credits. It is far cheaper than paying for a service payment plan that you may not be using.

At the time of writing, when you buy the device it comes with 1GB of Global data included, and also a further 8GB of US data. That is worth around $84 in total. That is going to pay for the bulk of the cost of the device. It is an amazing deal. You will need to use this free credit in three months. Incidentally, the USA data does actually include Canada and Mexico.

4. Operational Costs
The cost per day is going to work out more in some countries than others. Here are some examples.


Price Per day

Mainland China










5. Simple to use.
The case has the following buttons mounted on it: On the left, power, volume up, and volume down. On the right, it has a micro-USB charging port and two sim card slots. On the bottom, it has a USB output port. The case is available in black or gold colors. The unit weighs around 151g and is a slimline design.

The GlocalMe G3 has a downloadable app which allows users to easily check their balance, renew, recharge, and purchase data packages, and modify your personal information on this 4g hotspot.

There is no need to keep checking other networks. The GlocalMe will constantly review your connection and should the unit decide that another network was now better, it will seamlessly reconnect to the better network.

I will close this section with the words of one of the Glocal G3 users as he describes this Wifi on the go,.

Zhong Siwei has spent five years cycling around 27 countries, which included Nepal, Jordon, Egypt, and Sudan. These are countries where you would not expect good connections. His opinion is

“With GlocallMe Portable WiFi no matter where you go, you can immediately connect to the Internet without a Sim Card”.


  • The data costs are probably the cheapest I found that can handle 144 countries Sim Free
  •  8 GB of Free data when you purchase the unit - covers most of the purchase cost
  •  Sturdy Looking slimline design
  • Easy to operate, top-up and check usage


  • Button design is such that it is possible to switch the unit on a little too easily by accident


 Our Rating 

I have honestly tried to remain detached when searching for the Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot for Travel, but it has been very hard to remain dispassionate as the GlocallMe Portable WiFi seems to be miles ahead of the other models available. Some other models may have slightly better features in just one aspect of the design but then in all others, they fall well short. When considering all the considerations for choosing the best model the GlocallMe Portable WiFi comes out on top.

I guessed if you really pushed me I would have to say the two outstanding features that clinched it for me was the Sim Free operation, and the low price of topping-up the unit., bearing in mind that since it is paid as you go, it is only necessary to buy credit when you need to use it.

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