Traveling With Kids – From Packing To Unpacking

Traveling With Kids - From Packing To Unpacking
Ah, yes. You’ve finally saved up enough vacation days and money to go on that trip that you so desperately needed and deserved. You’re going through your packing list in your mind: shoes, socks, shirts and, the kids’ suitcases.

Believe it or not, but packing for yourself is a much easier feat than packing for your child. Why? Well, to state the obvious, you know what you want and what you need.Coincidentally, you’re also aware of what your child needs, but you’re not sure of what he or she wants. Imagine sunbathing in the Bahamas to have little Jimmy cry over something you forgot to pack. Not a pleasant thought, right?

To make things a little easier on you, here’s a comprehensive guide that will most likely cover everything your kid needs in his suitcase and the sort of bag you should get for your kid.

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How to Pack a Suitcase for Kids?

Packing a bag for kids might seem like a more natural thing. However, it’s one of those ‘easier said than done’ sort of situations where you might think you have it all figured out, but you don’t.

Kids tend to be very picky at very odd times. They won’t think about that one particular thing for years and years, but suddenly ask you to help them find it. Likewise, packing clothes for them has to be done in a systemic way that will help them easily find whatever it is that they’re looking for.

To pack a suitcase for your kids, try making up schemes in your mind – colours, and categories. Pack their shirts in one compartment, based on colours and their trousers in another. Additionally, you could fold them in ways that would allow easier accessibility.

For example, instead of stacking one shirt on top of the other and having your kid going through a stack to find something at the bottom, roll them up and arrange them as single shirts visible horizontally.

The same method can be applied to jeans. Furthermore, you could bring along zip-lock bags for your kids to put in all their toiletries such as toothbrushes and shampoos.

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How to Keep the Suitcase Sane?

If you’re on a plane and you see a toddler or an adolescent sitting in the aisle next to yours, your immediate response is either of annoyance or fear. Maybe not you in particular, but for a lot many people out there (specifically those that do not have kids), it’s a form of annoyance.

A kid on a flight is seen as a bad omen by many people because people assume they’ll be making a lot of noise. Not only that, but people are particularly angry at parents when their kids are making a mess because they are their responsibility after all.

Hence, a simple thing to do would be to keep your kid distracted on the flight or ride there. There are a lot many ways you can do this – and, no not every approach to distract a child has to do with putting a screen in front of them.

You can pack along a few games (without choking hazards) that your kid can play on the journey. These games could include drawing games, colouring games, number games, and whatnot.

Likewise, you can pack a few snacks along with you to keep the suitcase sanity. Kids quite often complain that they’re hungry but hate airline food. In retrospect, so do most adults.

When we say keeping the suitcase sane, we mean finding a way to incorporate various elements in your packing which wouldn’t make a kid going on a 7-hour journey feel like it’s the end of the world – for them or the people around them.

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 Best Suitcases for Kids That You Can Find On the Market Right Now

Bags for children come under a whole different category than suitcases for adults. For an adult, you’re less likely going to consider features such as aesthetics. Whereas that might as well be your primary concern when it comes to picking one for a kid.

Suitcases for kids can be found almost anywhere, and the problem comes with picking something that will appease both them and you. Hence, something that’s both aesthetically to their liking and durable to yours.

In such cases, a smarter option would be to look for hard shell suitcases. They make up a category of bags that are easily accessible, durable, and custom made. Given their plastic, aluminum, or polycarbonate exterior, they can be painted easily and often come in funky colors.

Similarly, because of those same reasons, they are also much more rigid than traditional fabric suitcases and won’t break or bend easily under tossing and turning steps during transit.

Another feature worthy of mentioning here is the fact that they’ll be much more comfortable to identify.  suitcases come in standard colours since they’re more likely to stain. The odds of you finding a yellow bag amongst billions of black ones are much higher.

There are also a couple of brands of suitcases such as rolling suitcases from D and N kids that are quite notable and are making waves in the category.

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