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Travelling with kids can be a daunting prospect but with the right planning and preparation In place your travel with your child can go smoothly, in this article we will look at travel tips that have been recommended to ensure travelling with children can be a fun experience rather than a stressful one for both parents and kids.

1) plan out your holiday trip.

So you have decided where you want to go on holiday. The next step will be to plan your travel arrangements for your holiday destination. It is recommended that you reserve your airline seat in advance to ensure you get the most suitable seat for your flight when travelling with young children. Usually, the most suitable seats in an aircraft are found at the front row (bulkhead seats) A bulkhead is a divider however can likewise be a blind or screen. Bulkheads can be found all through the plane, isolating the seats from the cookroom and restroom zones. Bulkhead seats come with the added advantage of extra legroom and ease of accessibility to get in and out of your seat.Bulkhead seats can often have additional oxygen packs for infants and little children who are perched on a parent's lap, instead of in their own seat. If your baby is sitting on your lap you may choose not to reserve a seat for them. Your baby can sit on your lap with a secured safety strap provided by the airline. You must let the airlines now in advance that your flying with your baby on your lap and do not wish to reserve a seat for them. However, they will still be a charge for this.

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If you require a bassinet/skycot seat then please book in advance which can be done by your travel agent or airline and online. I recommend booking directly with the airline as you will have better access to any online booking options. Once again I highly recommend you book early as the front bulkhead seats are often highly sought after.

I recommend you visit SeatGuru when booking your airline seats as SeatGuru will provide a review of each seat of the aircraft.

Bonus Tip 

When at the airport always ask the ground staff crew when you're checking in boarding if your flight is completely full or half empty if the aircraft is half empty you can ask the crew if you could have a row of seats to yourself. Having a row of seats to yourself can be added to advantage as you can make a bed for your baby.

TOP TRICK used by those in the know is requesting the aisle and window seat as the middle seats are the last to go. You could end up with the whole row! If it doesn’t work out, whoever has been allocated the middle seat will always want to swap with one of you – so either way you’ll all end up seated together. This, of course, works for the middle DEFG section seats too. You may end up with a spare seat for free"(Carrie Bradley 2019)

Selecting the right Hotel

  • Activities 
    Does the hotel have activities and play area for children
  • location of the hotel
    Avoid selecting a hotel in a remote location.Ideally you would want to select a hotel near restaurants and places to see. If you planning a beach holiday then ideally you would select a hotel within walking distance of the beach to save time and money. Read Daily Telegraph top 10 European beaches review.
  • Property amenities
    Does the hotel have a lift a restaurant to eat dry cleaning service
  • Children Amenities 
    does the hotel provide a free crib(infant bed)
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Research your holiday destination

For The welfare of your child and yourself, it's important that you research on your holiday destination for example weather conditions, you do not want to go on vacation when it's extremely hot or monsoon season as it can cause potential health issues. So make sure you pack sunscreen if you're planning outdoor activities in the sun. In some countries especially Asia it's recommended that you don't visit these countries in certain months due to higher health risks, for example, visiting North India from August till September is not recommended as the risk of dengue fever and malaria is high. It is also extremely hot in these months. The best time to visit North India is between February and April.

If your child has a disability it can be helpful getting an identity bracelet that has details of your child's medical condition and treatment with they're doctors details in case of an emergency. For more information visit disabledfriends

It's advisable that you travel with a card that specifies your child allergies in the Chosen language of your destination in case of any medical difficulties they may experience while on vacation. See more details at ​AllergyUk

When travelling abroad it's very important that you research the rules regarding medication. In certain countries like Dubai, you are required to fill out a document if you're carrying certain medication failure to do could potentially land you in trouble.

Flying advice

Right, You find planned out your holiday, completed your packing and the day has finally arrived for your flight to your holiday destination. When flying it is recommended that you take advantage of early boarding. Most Airlines announce early boarding for parents with young children which can be a massive help so please ensure you take advantage of this early boarding.

Having a chat with your flight attendant could be beneficial to you as they will be able to advise on how to hold your baby while take off and landing.

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Prepare snacks

Each airline and flight is distinctive different  with respect to what food is provided.

Take a lot of food and water with you on the plane in the event of some unforeseen issue. When flying with a newborn child you can take their food, water and any required nourishment with you on the plane.

Snacks for your flight can be stored using the Stephen Joseph Snack Box which comes with a securely attached lid. The lunch box store snack items like small bananas fruit chocolate bars sweets making it a wise travel tool investment especially if you have young children travelling with you.

In-flight Entertainment

An Airlines in-flight entertainment varies in quality. some Airlines will have a wide variety of programs catered towards children along with games while other Airlines will have very little to offer which can be a problem, especially in long-haul flight children as they will get bored easily, therefore, it's important you pack and bring along toys, a tablet, colouring books, comic book to keep your child occupied during the flight. You can find a full review of the recommended essentials to keep your child entertained during a flight.

During a long flight your child eyes may become irritated looking at screen whether it's the in-flight entertainment screen or a tablet. It is important therefore to give electronic devices a break. A colouring book, a children's book, a mini-sized board game can keep your child occupied without the need of electronic devices.


Children that suffer from motion sickness tend to be worse in situations where they have no control over therefore it is recommended you inform your child how far is there left to travel and time of arrival as this will provide them comfort and a sense of control. It's important you carry Sick Vomit  bags.

One of my biggest dislikes and worries when travelling by air was having my ears blocked during takeoff and landing.here is a solution  form the  University of Rochester Medical Center

 University of Rochester Medical Center

"It is one of the most common medical complaint of airplane passengers. It is caused by an air pocket in the middle ear that is sensitive to changes in air pressure. The changing altitude as the plane takes off or lands can cause discomfort in the ears"

yawning and swallowing can help pop your ears if that does not work pinching your nostril shut and breathing in through your mouth may also help. Earplane Kids Smaller Ears Earplugs Protection can help Mitigates Air Pressure Discomfort and Lessens Harsh Noise.

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